RoboDomain usability improvements

Two weeks ago we started rolling out the first invitation codes for RoboDomain. Since then, we received many interesting feedback and we're already working to add them in our existing roadmap.

In these two weeks we concentrated most of our effort to improve the application usability. In our mind, RoboDomain is a super powerful and helpful toy, but this is mainly because we already have a global overview of the project.

Looking at our server logs, we noticed some of our existing users are not taking advantage of RoboDomain features mainly because they don't fully understand their capabilities. For this reason, in these weeks we worked hard to add some friendly messages all over the application.

First, we fixed the welcome page that was definitely the most unfriendly landing page I have ever seen in my life. We added a brief introduction to RoboDomain and some quick-links for getting started with your brand new account.

Getting Started with RoboDomain

We also wanted to remember our users they are using an Early Access Preview of the product and some features might be incomplete or not available. Of course, EAP stage is not a synonymous for bugs or low-quality.

Early Access Preview notice message

User feedback are really important for us and we decided to make the process of submitting new ideas even more easy. From any page, you can now access RoboDomain Uservoice forum clicking on the feedback tab on the left side of the page and immediately post a new idea or submit a bug report.

RoboDomain Feedback & Ideas

These changes are scheduled for the next EAP which should be available in a couple of days.