Welcome RoboDomain

Yesterday night I disclosed on Twitter my new project: RoboDomain.

RoboDomain is a web application to keep track of any domain. And with any I mean any, including top level domains — like weppos.com or google.com — and subdomains — like www.weppos.com or mail.google.com.

I have been actively working on RoboDomain since May. However, this project is way older than 7 months, as the domain age can prove. In fact, the first version of RoboDomain was born on 2003 and was actually an Excel file.

With RoboDomain you can manage your own domains or watch domains you actually don't own.

The list of all domains your are tracking

Please don't misunderstand the word manage. With manage I actually mean keep track, organize, query and search. RoboDomain doesn't replace your hosting provider, doesn't allow you to register domain directly and doesn't renew your domains even thought I don't exclude to add such kind of integrations in the future.

With Robodomain you can keep track of any domain in one single place: log transactions, store notes, check domain status and enjoy our network tools. This application collects all your domain information in a single place. But wait, there's more.

RoboDomain notifies you about important domain milestones including, but not limited to, expiration dates. You can subscribe your feed, subscribe your calendar with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook or any other Calendar application.

Your dashboard, including latest transactions, expiring domains and notifications

RoboDomain will also provide some useful data in the future such as domain WHOIS history, DNS archive and much more… but I don't want to anticipate too much information right now. There are many exiting features on the roadmap and many others are likely to be suggested and discussed by users like you.

I started working on RoboDomain because I actually needed that application to manage my (uncountable) domains and, while working on it, I suddenly realized that many other friends would be happy to take advantage of it. So I eventually decided to release a real application and actively work on it.

RoboDomain is currently in private beta and new accounts can be created only with an invitation code. You can request an invitation code using the form on the homepage. Please, don't forget to submit your feedback and ideas.