WWW::Delicious 0.3.0

WWW::Delicious 0.3.0 has been released!

WWW::Delicious is a del.icio.us API client implemented in Ruby. It provides access to all available del.icio.us API queries and returns the original XML response as a friendly Ruby object.

The GEM is now 100% compatible with Ruby 1.9 and the installation no longer fails when installing it with a RubyGems version different than 1.2. WWW::Delicious has also been promoted to beta status.

For further details and documentation please visit the project page. The repository is available for cloning on GitHub. Feel free to fork it and submit your contributions.


  • FIXED: Compatibility fixes for Ruby 1.9. WWW::Delicious is now 100% compatible with 1.9. You should remember to define the proper content encoding with magic comments when working with UTF-8/MultiByte XML or Ruby files, see http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/wiki/ruby-19/ScriptEncoding (closes #142).
  • FIXED: Forced Rakefile to require Echoe >= 3.1 to prevent outdated .gemspec files (closes #143).
  • CHANGED: Don't use File.dirname(__FILE__) in require statement to prevent recursive inclusions.

Example Usage

require 'www/delicious'

d = WWW::Delicious.new('username', 'password')
d.posts_recent.each do |post|
  puts post.title

# => Tips on How to Get Indexed Faster by Google, Yahoo, & Live Search
# => ...
# => git ready \u00BB tagging