Google Personalized Homepage RMail module

December 30th, 2008. This post was published long time ago on the Italian version of my blog then moved here after the English blog has been opened. Please note that the following post can contain outdated information and (probably) multiple typos.

Lots of users love to set Google as their browser homepage. Meeting users' dreams Google released a customizable version of its main page called Google Personalized Homepage.

The Personalized Homepage is available in English as well other languages depending on your preferences. You may need a Google Account to play with all Google Homepage Features.

Recently Google provided a set of API to open Google homepage to developers. API allows you to turn your web content or application into modules that users can add to their personalized homepage. You can also develop features that affect other aspects of the page, such as font and color schemes.

Following this idea I recently started to play with Google Homepage APIs and cooked my first test: RMail module.

RMail module allow users to improve their homepages adding a small dashboard containing a list of RMail features including subscription box. You can add your email and the module will remember it for you allowing a quick and easy RMail subscription to all feeds you'd like to follow.

I submitted yesterday this module to Google Directory. I hope it will be included.

Other modules are under development. The next one will be about my main project, RSS World, and will offer you a list of tools to read RSS World articles, news and search the main database. Any feedback is welcome.

Link: Google Personalized Homepage RMail module.